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Packaging Design

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India Resources:   
       Design Studios
       Toy Firms

Standards, IPR  

       Dept. of Commerce

Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), Mumbai
, Premier Institute concerned with Academics, Research, Development and Promotion of Packaging
. has branches in Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad

Indian Plast Pack Forum (IPPF)
. engaged in promoting the plastic and packaging industry fraternity

 Writings, Reports, etc.

      Packaging Excellance Awards
         - IndStar and PachMachine awards

      India Packaging Show (every year)

Guideline for environmentally responsible packaging

      'The Kinesthetics of Packaging' by Prof Ravi Poovaiah

 e-Groups, Forums
Packaging India
Design India
IDCian, IDCians
NID Folks
Sristi School


- resources on design in India - courses, examples, case studies, videos, etc.
 Design Institutions
       All Schools
           IDC, IIT Bombay
           Sristi, Bangalore
           IIT Guwahati
           Symbiosis + more

  NID, Ahmedabad
   . 4 year) Graduate Diploma
     Programme in Design
   . 2 1/2 year Post - Graduate
     Diploma Programme in
     Design (PGDPD)
   . Admission through      Entrance Examination +      Interview

  IDC, IIT Bombay
    . 2 year Master of Design 
      (M. Des)
    . Doctoral Degrees (Ph. D)
    .  Admission through CEED +
      Entrance Examination +       Interview

  Sristi, Bangalore
    . 2 + 2 year Professional
      Diploma in Visual

    . Admission through       Entrance Examination +       Interview
  DoD, IIT Guwahati
   . 4 year) graduate program
     in Design (B. Des)
     Admission through JEE

Packaging India

Packaging India
Print Packaging
Print Pack India

Graphic Design
Signage Design

Typeface Design

Packaging Industry
Prime Packaging - Palstic Packaging
Perfect Group - Corrugated Box Packaging
Girnar Packaging - Mumbai - Corrugated Box Packaging
Jayna Packaging - Mumbai - Corrugated Box Packaging

 Indian Printing, Packaging and Allied Machinery     Manufacturers Association (IPAMA)
 All India Plastic Manufactureres Association
 Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association

     International Resources:  

International webzines
Packaging Gateway
Packaging Online
Packaging Strategies
Packaging Today
TR Packaging

International Magazines
Packagie Design
Packagie Horizons Mag
Packaging World

International Directory
Packaging Business
Pack Expo
Packaging Global
Packaging Machinery
Packaging Network
Packaging Technology

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International Organisations
 Asian Packaging Federation (APF)
 Corrugated Packaging Council (CPC)
 Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP)
 Women in Packaging
 World Packaging Organisation


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