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Interaction Design

Useful resource e-links related to 'Interaction Design' in India

- includes HCI, User Centerd Design, Usability and Interface Design

International Resources
India Resources:   

       IxDesign Studios
       MultiMedia Studios
       Web Design Studios

Digital Resource Centre at      IGNCA, N Delhi
     Resources on typography,
     Calligraphy, Photography,
     Graphics, etc
       Business Standard writings on Design in India

       National Design Policy

       Writings by Prof. Ravi Poovaiah, IDC, IIT Bombay

       'Interaction Design in India' by Prof. Anirudha Joshi

       User Experience in India: State of the Profession 2004

       Dr. Dinesh Katre's HCI Design blogbuster website

       Pradeep Henry on Productive-interface Engineering


- resources on Interaction design in India - courses, case studies, etc.
Standards, IPR  

     Bytes for All
     Centre for Knowledge
     TeNeT Group at IIT
     Design for All at IIT
     Academy of Electronic
       The Sacred World Foundation by Ranjit Makkuni
           - connecting technology with traditional cultures

       Interaction Design Projects at IDC, IIT Bombay

       Doors of Perception 8, Delhi

       Education for a Sustainable Future - a hole in the Wall

       Affordable Information and Communication Technology

       India CHI
       Design India
       IDCian, IDCians
       NID Folks

Discussion Forums
       HCI India.

       All Schools
           IDC, IIT Bombay
           Sristi, Bangalore
           IIT Guwahati
           IIT Kanpur

  ID at IDC, IIT Bombay
    . 2 year Master of Design 
      (M. Des) in Interaction
    . Doctoral Degrees (Ph. D)
    .  Admission through CEED
ID at NID, Ahmedabad
   . 4 year) Graduate Diploma
     Programme in Design
   . 2 1/2 year Post - Graduate
     Diploma Programme in
     New Media, Software
     Interface Design (PGDPD)

PD at Sristi, Bangalore
    . 2 + 2 year Professional
      Diploma in Product and       Interface Design
Admission through       Entrance Examination +       Interview
  VCD at IIT Kanpur
    . 2 year Master of Design 
      (M. Des)
     Admission through CEED
       Usability Matters.
- a forum for Usability and Interaction design community in India

       Usability Matters.
       Usability in India.
       Usability Watch India.
       Technology & Design

  Design Firms
Chaos India, Gurgaon
Design for Use, Delhi  
Experential Design lab, Delhi  
Hexo Labs, Kanpur
Idea Farms, Delhi 
Incubis, Delhi  
Sacred World, Delhi   
Think Design , Delhi
Bang Design, Bangalore
CKS, Bangalore
Design Directions, Cochin 
Dig Design Studio, Bangalore

Studio Fra, Bangalore
Think Design , Hyderabad    

Elephant Design, Pune
Fractal Link, Mumbai
Iternia, Pune

Sauve Design, Pune
Design Ticket, Pune
Interaction Design related Industries
 Cognizant India, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata
 HP Labs India, Bangalore
 Honeywell India, Bangalore
 Infosys, Bangalore
 MindTree, Bangalore
 MicroSoft Research India, Bangalore
 Motorola Research India, Bangalore
 Oracle India, Bangalore, Hyderabad
 Sap Labs India, Bangalore
 Yahoo, Bangalore

 Adobe, Noida
 IBM Research India, Delhi, IBM India, Bangalore
 MBT, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune
 HCL, Delhi, etc.
 Sapient India , Gurgaon
 Whirlpool India, Delhi

 Cordys Asia, Vanenburg, Hyderabad
 Microsoft India Development Centre, Hyderabad

Human Factors International, Mumbai, Bangalore
MphasiS, Mumbai
Patni Computers, Mumbai, Pune
SAS India, Mumbai

 Philips India , Pune
 Veritas, Pune

 International Resources: International Resources

International Webzines
ACM Interactions - articles on people, design, technology
Ask Tog - articles on interaction design - real world
Box and Arrows - discussion on design and innovation
Clear - AIGA - journal on design from AIGA
Cooper - blog about design & business
Designin For Humans - about design research, ergonomics ..
Doors , Doors 8 - about design by John Thackara
Good Experience - focus on user experience
Guuui - articles about Interaction Design
Human Factors Newsletter
Infosthetics - information aesthetics - form follows data
Interaction Design - hci, usability, info architecture, etc.
Information Design - links to information design.
Johnny Holland - about interactions of experience design
New Thinking - web content management
Smashing Magazine - useful information to web designers
Technology Review (India) - emerging technology from MIT
Usability News - for news in usability and HCI
Use It - Jacob Nielson on usability & web design
Ux Design - resources on user experience design
UXmatters - artciles on user experience design
Visual Complexity - visualization of complex networks
Wired - about the digital world

Resource Links
A-Z of User Experience Design - links to extensive resources by Dev Alexander
A-Z of Interaction Design - articles and resources on IxD
Dan Saffer - about his books, blogs and resources
Digital Art - database on digital art installtions
Digital Artists - database on digital artists
HCI Bibliography - links to over 57,000 HCI resources
History of IxD - links to IxD historyresources
Nathan Shedroff - experience design resources
Semantic Foundry - resources on interaction design
Small Surfaces - IxD resources for mobile devices - a guide to usable &useful web sites

Suggested Readings
on HCI by Gary Perlman - carefully selected collection of books and references

Interaction Design
Interaction Design blog
Interactiive Multimedia Technology blog
Pixel Sumo

Online Books:
Interaction Design - Beyond HCI


Aaron Marcus, Interface
Bill Buxton, Humans & Tech.
Bill Mogridge, Interaction D
Bill Verpank, HCI
Brenda Laurel, Interface
 Bruce Tognazzini, Interface

Don Norman, Usability
Gitta Solomon, Interaction D
Jacob Nielsen
, Usability
Joy Mountford
, Interaction D
Larry Tesler, Innovation UED
Terry Winograd, HCI

Abbe Don

Frog Design
Human Factors International
Nielsen Norman Group
Philips Design
Swim Studio

 Sacred World

Art Centre, USA
Delft, Holland
Domus Academy, Italy
IDC IIT Bombay, India
Interactive Institute, Sweden

 KAIST, Korea
MIT Media Lab, USA

International Organisations
 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
 Interaction Design Association
 Interactions Design Group
 CHI Web Discussion Group
 Usability Professionals' Association
 User Experience Network

Conferences-- events
 Interaction Design - Calender
 Ars Electronica - platform for digital art and media culture

CHI Conference Videos - Retrospective Special Collection
Designing Interactions
- book and interviews by several IxD designers
Interaction Design - Videos on IxD on You-Tube

Interaction Design - Videos on IxD on google video
User Experience Design - from google videos
25 User Experience Videos - from smashing magazine
20 Cool IxD Concepts - from IxD blog

Design for All
Design in India
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