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Resource links on Interior Design in India
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International Resources

       Interior Design Studios

Indian Institute of
      Interior Designer
IIID as a national body aims to establish good professional and trade practices and ethics among Interior Designers in India
- has over 3000 members and 11 chapters

Council of Architecture
The COA constituted by the Government of India provides for registration of Architects, standards of education, recognized qualifications and standards of practice.
An Architect to practice in India must register himself with COA

Acts and Regulations
Architectural Education Guidelines
Professional Practice Guidelines
Architectural Competition Regulations

       Indian Archiitecture
       Design India


- resources on Interior design in India - examples, case studies, etc.
       Standards, IPR

       Ministry of Urban           Development
       Ministry of Rural

       All Schools
           SPA, Delhi
             - B Arch, M Arch, Ph. D
           CEPT Ahmedabad
             - B Arch, M Arch, Ph. D
           J J Mumbai - B Arch
           + more

  Laurie Baker and Mud

  Experimental Architecture in Auroville

  What is Interior Design

  Architecture in India

Ergonomic Studio at IDC, IIT Bombay

       A great Source of Information on Indian Temples

      Indian Architect Builder

      India Interior Designs
      Architecture - India
      All India Architects

      AEC World Expo
      Inside Outside Show

Interior Designers

Design Firms
Design Spot

 Council of Architecture - COA
The Indian Institute of Arcitects -IIA
The Indian Society of Landscape Arcitects -ISOLA
 National Association of Students of Architecture - NASA

Ministry of Urban Development - Delhi
Ministry of Rural Development - Delhi

 PUKAR - Partners for Urbam Knowledge and Research
 UDRI - Urban Design Research Institute
 Vastu Shilpa Foundation - for studies and research in     Environmental Design

 International Resources: International Resources

  Design everywhere
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