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Recommended list of essential books:

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How - Design Process:

How To Design Cars Like a Pro

by Tony Lewin, Ryan Borroff
Publisher: Motorbooks International, 2003
'describes how car design and technology work through the eyes of the most talented and powerful car designers in the world.'

Concept Car Design: Driving the Dream
(Interior and Industrial Design)
by Jonathan Bell
Publisher: Rotovision, 2003
'dissects the process of designing these imaginary flights of fancy from idea, through refinement and creative expression, to realization.'

Auto Fundamentals: How and Why of the Design, Construction, and Operation of Automobiles:
Applicable to All Makes and Models
by Martin W. Stockel, Martin T. Stockel, Chris Johanson
Publisher: Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher, 2004
'as the title suggests its about the fundamentals of automoboiles'

How Cars Work
by Tom Newton
Publisher: Black Apple Press; 1st ed edition, 1999
'An Illustrated Guide to the 250 Most Important Car Parts and how they work'

Modern Automotive Technology
by James E. Duffy
Publisher: Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher, 2003
'Provides an easy-to-understand, current text summarizing the operation and repair of all makes and models of vehicles.'

Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics (R114):
by Thomas D. Gillespie
Publisher: SAE International, 1992
'Provides a foundation of engineering principles and analytical methods to explain the performance of an automotive vehicle.'

Motorcycle Design & Technology: How and Why
by Gaetano Cocco
Publisher: Giorgio NADA Editore, 1999
'After examining the physical phenomena that govern the handling of a motorcycle, the text goes on to explain the various types of components that come together and make the bike go.'


Product Design
. Automobile Design 
  Furniture Design
. Toy Design



Why - Design Issues:

American Car Design Now : Inside the Studios of America's Top Car Designers

by C. Edson Armi
Publisher: Rizzoli, 2004
'The product of more than three years of research, this volume collects the author's essays and interviews with the design directors of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.'

Transportation Design

by Roger Yee
Publisher: Visual Reference Publications, 2005
'showcases the innovative design work evident in some of today's transportation areas and facilities. Projects include airport terminals, bus and train/subway stations, seaport passenger facilities, bridges and walkways, pedestrian tunnels, and more.'

Race Car Aerodynamics:
Designing for Speed (Engineering and Performance)

by Joseph Katz
Publisher: Bentley Publishers, 1995
'essential information on what makes race cars fast - secrets of the rapidly developing field of high-speed vehicle design.'

Forward Drive: The Race to Build "Clean" Cars for the Future

by Jim Motavalli
Publisher: Sierra Club Books for Children, 2000
'examines the impact of gasoline automobiles, the pioneers who already utilize alternative power, the large and small R&D operations, the political and financial forces under which everything operates'


Product Design
. Automobile Design 
  Furniture Design
. Toy Design



When - History:

A Century of Car Design

by Penny Sparke
Publisher: Barrons Educational Series; 1st Us edition, 2002
'presents a detailed history of the automobile-but describes cars entirely in terms of design, with attention to the innovative artists who created auto bodies for the world's finest vehicles.'

The Art of the Sports Car: The Greatest Designs of the 20th Century
by Dennis Adler
Publisher: HarperResource; 1st edition, 2002
'profiles the history of highly coveted sports cars'

American Dream Cars: 60 Years of the Best Concept Vehicles
by Mitch Frumkin, Phil Hall, Mitchel J. Frumkin
Publisher: Krause Publications, 2002
'More than 650 different dream cars are featured - offers a visual history of the wonderful and sometimes wacky experimental machines'


Product Design
. Automobile Design 
  Furniture Design
. Toy Design



Where - Firms:

Pininfarina: Industrial Art 1930(tm)2000

by Antoine Prunet
Publisher: Haynes Pub Group, 2000
'about the italian firm famous for designing cars including Ferraris, Cadillacs, Peugots, and Alfa Romeos.'

Modern Chrysler Concept Cars:
The Designs That Saved the Company (Colortech)
by Matt Delorenzo
Publisher: Motorbooks International, 2000
'story behind the concepts and their journey to production'


Product Design
. Automobile Design 
  Furniture Design
. Toy Design



Whom - Designers:

Retrofuturism : The Car Designs of J Mays

by Brooke Hodge, C. Edson Armi
Publisher: Universe, 2002
'concept originator behind the New Beetle, Mays's approach has revolutionized the industry by integrating branding and identity with the design process. Also at the foundation of his philosophy is a belief that the innovations of the past should inform future solutions.'

Chris bangle. bmw global design

by Cumberford Robert
Publisher: ETAI diffusion diffuseur, 2001
'about the history and the design philosophy of BMW and the designer Chris Bangle'


Product Design
. Automobile Design 
  Furniture Design
. Toy Design



What - Examples:

Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design

by Michel Zumbrunn, Robert Cumberford
Publisher: Merrell Holberton, 2004
'Over sixty of the most important cars ever designed are featured in this sumptuously produced book - and highlights the essential elements of each vehicle's design.'

Speed, Style, And Beauty: Cars From The Ralph Lauren Collection

by Beverly Rae Kimes, Winston S. Goodfellow, Ralph Lauren (Contributor), Michael Furman (Photographer)
Publisher: MFA Publications, 2005
'features 30 years of cars'

The Encyclopedia of Classic Cars

by David Lillywhite (Editor)
Publisher: Thunder Bay Press (CA), 2003
'lists over 1000 of the world's most coveted cars, clearly ordered by manufacturer for easy reference. Detailed text is included on development and technical features as well as specification tables, listing every fact and figure imaginable.'

Automobiles of the Chrome Age: 1946-1960

by Michael Furman
Publisher: Harry N Abrams, 2004
'by a great photographer of automobiles - with focus on details that really make a particular car stand out while never losing sight of the importance of the overall design.'

The Car Design Yearbook 3:
The Definitive Annual Guide to All New Concept and Production Cars Worldwide
by Michael Furman
Publisher: Harry N Abrams, 2004
'by a great photographer of automobiles - with focus on details that really make a particular car stand out while never losing sight of the importance of the overall design.'


Product Design
. Automobile Design 
  Furniture Design
. Toy Design



What - Materials:

Fiberglass & Composite Materials:
An Enthusiast's Guide to High Performance Non-Metallic Materials for Automotive Racing and Marine Use
by Forbes Aird, Hp Books, Forbes Aird
Publisher: HP Books; 1st ed edition, 1996
'provides information about many different types of composite materials.'

How to Draw Cars Like a Pro
by Thom Taylor, Kathy Berghoff, Lisa Hallett
Publisher: Motorbooks International (November 1, 1996)

Pro Paint & Body:
Includes the Latest Paint Technology and Body Repair Techniques Used by Today's Top Pros
by Jim Richardson, Tom Horvath
Publisher: HP Books; 1st edition, 2002
'guide to professional paint and bodywork includes the latest information on bodywork tools, materials and techniques.'

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