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Human Factors in Product Design
by William H. Cushman, Daniel J. Rosenberg
Publisher: Elsevier Science Pub Co, 1991
'shows how human factors technology can be effectively applied during the product design and development process to improve product usability, user-product performance, user satisfaction, and product safety.'

Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics, & the Design of Work
by Stephen Pheasant
Publisher: CRC Press; 2 ed edition, 1996
'After introducing ergonomics and anthropometrics, offers advice and details on workspaces, sitting and seating, hands and handles, the office, at home, health and safety.

Human Factors Methods for Design: Making Systems Human-Centered
by Christopher P. Nemeth Publisher: CRC Press; 1 edition, 2004 'guide to solving human factors challenges in the development process - with the orientation, process, and methods to perform human-centered research.'

The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design
by Alvin R. Tilley (Editor), Stephen B. Wilcox (Introduction), Henry
Dreyfuss assoc
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2001
'more than 200 anthropometric drawings, this handbook is filled with all of the essential measurements of the human body and its relationship to the designed environment.'

Human Factors Design Handbook -
Information and Guidelines for the Design of Systems, Facilities, Equipment and Products for Human Use
by Wesley E. Woodson, Barry Tillman, Peggy Tillman
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional, 1992

'general reference to key human factors questions and human-product interface design suggestions in a form that engineers and designers can utilize'

Volumes 1-3 , Volumes 4-6 , Volumes 7-9

By N. Diffrient, A. Tilley, J. Bardagjy & D. Harman
Publisher: The MIT Press; Bk&Acces edition, 1981
'for anyone who is interested in designing equipment for maximum operator efficiency, comfort, and safety.'

Automotive Ergonomics

by Brian Peacock, Waldemar Karwowski (Editor)
Publisher: CRC Press, 1993
'modeling the human-equipment interface, occupant packaging, computer-aided ergonomics design, visual aspects in vehicle design, seat design, passenger car trunk design, vision and perception, headlamp and signal lamp design'

Cognitive Ergonomics: Contributions from Experimental Psychology

by Gerrit C. Van Der Veer, Sebastiano Bagnara, Gerard A.M. Kempen

Emerging Needs and Opportunities for Human Factors Research

by National Research Council (Corporate Author), Raymond S. Nickerson (Editor)
Publisher: National Academies Press, 1995
'summary of the findings of the Committee on Human Factors, papers discuss the need for research on human factors in training and education; health care; environmental change; communication technology; emerging technologies in work design'

Human Dimension and Interior Space
by Julius Panero
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications,1979

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