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Recommended list of essential books:

History of Design, History of Objects

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Past, Present and Future

History of Modern Design
by David Raizman
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2004
'history of design from the eighteenth century to present day'

A History of Graphic Design
by Philip Meggs
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; 3 edition, 1998
'an essentail book chronicalling the history of western graphic design'

Typology: Type Design from the Victorian Era to the Digital Age (Paperback)
by Steven Heller, Louise Fili
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 1999
' history of type face, cultural and economic aspects and with examples of good design'

The ABC's of Bauhaus, The Bauhaus and Design Theory

by Ellen Lupton, J. Abbott Miller (Editor)
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press, 2000
'The ABC's of Bauhaus traces the origins and impact of the Bauhaus in relation to design, graphic design, and typography'

Bauhaus (World of Art)
by Frank Whitford
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 1984 '
the story of bauhaus, its philosophy, people and its contributions'

Bauhaus 1919-1933
by Magdalena Droste, Bauhaus Archiv
Publisher: Taschen, 2002
'its about the people, the works and the thoughts at bauhaus'

The Ulm School of Design: A View Behind the Foreground
by Rene Spitz
Publisher: Edition Axel Menges, 2002
'provides the history of the Ulm School of Design, considered as a very influential educational institution'

Ulm Design: The Morality of Objects
by Herbert Lindinger (Editor), David Britt (Translator)
Publisher: The MIT Press; 1st MIT Press ed edition, 1991
'about the school, curriculum, ideas and people by the professor of design at Ulm'

Industrial Design
by John. Heskett
Publisher: Thames & Hudson; Reprint edition (February 1, 1985)
'has an overview of history, process and methods'

American Design Ethic:
A History of Industrial Design
by Arthur J. Pulos
Publisher: The MIT Press; Reprint edition, 1986
'history of American products and the philosophy behind their design, use, and manufacture points to the process'

Objects of Design

by Paola Antonelli
Publisher: Museum of Modern Art, 2003
'features a wide variety of industrial and domestic artifacts by great designers of the modern period'

Japanese Design : A Survey Since 1950

by Kathryn B Hiesinger, et al
Publisher: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1995

The Streamlined Decade

by Donald J. Bush
Publisher: George Braziller, 1975

A Century of Design:
Design Pioneers of the 20th Century
by Penny Sparke
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, 1998
'History of design through the works of designers and their works'

of the 20th Century
by Charlotte J. Fiell, Peter M. Fiell
Publisher: Taschen America Llc 2001

'covers the influence of design in the 20th century'

Landmarks of Twentieth-Century Design:
An Illustrated Handbook
by Kathryn B. Hiesinger, George Marcus
Publisher: Abbeville Press; 1st ed edition, 1993
'study of international design, decade by decade, with essays on the trends, innovations, and significant objects of each period'

Icons of Design:
The 20th Century (Prestel's Icons)
by Volker Albus (Editor), Reyer Kras (Editor), Jonathan M. Woodham (Editor) Publisher: Prestel Publishing, 2000
'tells the story of 80 ordinary items which gained iconic status during the course of the 20th century'

Industrial Design 19th To 21st

by Galeries Nationales Du Grand Palais (France), Jocelyn De Noblet (Editor), Jocelyn De Noblet (Editor)
Publisher: Flammarion, 1996
'a collection of essays on Industrial Design as Mirror of the Century'

Designing the 21st Century
by Charlotte J. Fiell, Peter M. Fiell
Publisher: Taschen, 2001
'book on the future of product, furniture, lighting, ceramic, glassware, and textile design'

Vision of the Future
by Stefano Marzano
Publisher: Uitgeverij V + K 1996
'future lifestyles, products and services in the domestic, public, personal and mobile domains'

History of Objects:

A Century of Car Design

by Penny Sparke
Publisher: Barrons Educational Series; 1st Us edition, 2002
'presents a detailed history of the automobile-but describes cars entirely in terms of design, with attention to the innovative artists who created auto bodies for the world's finest vehicles.'

The Pencil :
A History of Design and Circumstance
by Henry Petroski
Publisher: Knopf; Reprint edition, 1992
'the story of the pencil, considering it not only as a thing in itself, but also as an exemplar of all things that are designed and manufactured.'

Bicycle: The History
by David Herlihy
Publisher: Yale University Press, 2004

The Evolution of Useful Things: How Everyday Artifacts-From Forks and Pins to Paper Clips and Zippers-Came to be as They are
by Henry Petroski
Publisher: Vintage; Reprint edition, 1994
'Each item described offers a cultural history lesson, plus there's plenty of engineering detail for those so inclined.'

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